Killer gets $500 fine

Zivorad Simich will get a $500 fine for his part in an accident that killed Gary Sim, a bicyclist.

Simich turned right into a shopping mall just ahead of Gary Sim, who was riding on the sidewalk. Sim was seriously hurt, and died later in hospital. The Toronto Star covered the case.

Simich pleaded not guilty. He said he braked and signalled before turning, and couldn’t explain why he failed to see Sim either as he passed him or when he checked his mirror before making the turn. The court heard the van he was driving had no rear windows.

Gary Sim
From The Star

The NDP has introduced a bill that would increase penalties for drivers who injure vulnerable road users, such as bicyclists, pedestrians, police officers and construction workers.

The bill would put drivers on probation, force them to attend court to hear their sentences (they have been able to avoid hearing victim impact statements in the past), and do community service.

Author: Adam Norman

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3 thoughts on “Killer gets $500 fine”

  1. This story is sad in so many ways, with I believe, shared responsibilities.

    And now, a family continues to grieve the loss of an elder, and a driver is haunted by less than careful actions. (We’re they both in a hurry?)

    I just listened to an interview with Ms. Sim on “Metro Morning” and it was suggested that her Dad was riding lawfully.

    Was he?
    (On a sidewalk?)

    We’re often reminded that bicycles are vehicles, too. And, perhaps like many pedestrians you might enter & cross roadways assuming you’re well seen. Never even looking from side to side.

    Dangerous assumptions made, then leaving responsibility to someone else.

    Plus (it’s perhaps been omitted from the story telling), but was the late Mr. Sim wearing his helmet?

    As delicate as they are, it may have saved his life, if he was!

    And, we all know that we adults sometimes just don’t feel like it on a hot day. What could happen, right?

    See that all the time, right?
    (The duck bill on your ball cap is not protective equipment – not for head or eyes.)

    Hey, we’d never let our children ride without one – even a short distance around the home front.

    Nevertheless, sad stuff.

    Sim and Simich, linked forever.

  2. Drivers are operating dangerous machines. When someone not surrounded by a metal case is hit, then dies, we give a fine?!
    Helmets do not protect your body from those machines, but the people driving the machines can. Watch for cyclists; watch for pedestrians.

    1. Point taken.

      But, in the mean time, buy & use a helmet!
      (And, pick up a “noisey” bell while you’re at it.
      Merely using it displays awareness and attentiveness.)

      Don’t let your guard down, ever.
      (Besides, in this day & age, you look dumb riding without a properly fitting helmet.)

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