Killer faces $500 fine

A 62-year-old man was charged with an improper right turn, and faces a $500 fine.

That improper turn killed Gary Sim, 70, of Mount Dennis, who was riding his bike on Jane Street. Sim died in hospital on July 2.

Is there a pro-car bias baked into the legal system? Heather Sim, the victim’s daughter, says so.

“If I was walking down the street swinging a lead pipe and hit someone, I’d be (facing an) assault charge … You just not paying attention and hitting people (with your car) doesn’t mean it’s anything more than a Highway Traffic Act charge,” she said.

Even the police think this is wrong. The Star says we could have a vulnerable road-user law, which would increase penalties for motorists who kill pedestrians or cyclists.

The province has been looking into this possibility for more than a year.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Killer faces $500 fine”

    1. This is yet another tragic news story about the ever present dangers lurking on or near any busy road way.

      Apparently, in this case the 70 year old cycling advocate was riding on a sidewalk approaching Jane Street when some how, he was struck by a van that was turning into a driveway. (?)

      The Star noted that a 62 year old driver of the van is being charged with something called “Turn Not in Safety”.

      The Old City Hall court date set for August.

      We hear it daily – the number of careless, multi-tasking drivers is on the rise.

      And, they’re easy to spot by their obvious improper driving posture – the head down as much as it is up.

      Or their obvious, slower than normal rhythm on the roads, holding up traffic around them.

      Crashes waiting to happen.

      At the same time, how often have we nervously monitored the actions of agressive, care free cyclists over the years. Some without head protection.

      Many times they can be seen navigating recklessly through traffic, never indicating their presence with a simple ring of a bell.

      And, often never obeying the most basic rules of the road, like signalling or stopping – for lights, signs, pedestrians or other vehicles, as they insist on maintaining their very important momentum.

      In the Gary Sims case and other cases like it, the loss of life is senseless & tragic.

      Perhaps the driver turning into that driveway is a “killer” as strongly suggested in your story.

      But, maybe the late, experienced cyclist asserted himself at the wrong time, even if he was technically, in the right.

      What a waste.

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