King St residents to be surveyed for speed humps

King St residents will soon decide whether they want speed bumps on their street.

Etobicoke York Council directed city staff to survey residents to see if they want the humps. If more than half of those surveyed respond, and if more than 60% vote in favour, the humps can go ahead. In the past, though, few surveys have had enough respondents.

King St residents, among whom your  humble correspondent numbers, should vote in favour. Traffic speeds increase closer to Jane St. Some drivers managed to go faster than 65 km/h between Pine and Jane even with the enormous potholes, according to the city report.

Speeds and numbers will likely increase when John St is closed and the road is repaired. Further, some of the other east-west streets in Weston recently got humps; those humps will push traffic toward King unless residents object.

If the residents vote in favour, nine humps will be installed, at a cost of $33,000.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “King St residents to be surveyed for speed humps”

  1. Being on the side of Queen’s drive that does not have bumps, I do see how fast people go, and I’m sure there are people that choose their route through Weston based on where the speed bumps are, but just remember, everyone wants speed bumps until the day you need an ambulance or a firetruck at your house!

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