King Street to be closed until next year, Church to reopen

GO and Metrolinx would like you to know of some traffic changes. Church Street will reopen today, November 21, and King Street will be closed for the next 8 months. Tunnel construction is beginning.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “King Street to be closed until next year, Church to reopen”

  1. Yeah Maple Leaf bus is still crossing John St according to TTC website until next Mon. This not the first time Metrolinx has misleading info…

    p.s. Anyone notice a loud grinding noise now that they put new train tracks? I can hear it even in here in Pelmo Park I can only imagine it how is it for the people on Rosemount.

  2. Church St. was open today.

    And yes Mel I can hear that noise occassionally too (I’m in the Pelmo area as well)

  3. One week later, November 26, according to the community office, Church St is opened. Just saying.

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