Landlords mapped

The City of Toronto gathers and publishes data when officers attend and verify that a by-law infraction has occurred in an apartment building.¹

Now, I present to you the fruit of a sleepless night: the first-ever map of building infractions in Weston and Mount Dennis, using that data.²

Every landlord on Jane and Weston who received a visit from the Municipal Licensing and Standards is on the list. The majority of buildings receive only one or two visits in a year.

The infractions range from the minor (fallen branches) to the severe (unsafe conditions). Which infractions apply to which building is somewhat difficult to determine, though I’m working on it. (Any Excel masters want to pitch in?)

Buildings with 1–2 visits received a star. 3–6 visits are coded green. 7–12 visits are coded yellow, and 13–24 are pinkish. More than 24 are coded with a caution sign.

There are at least four good reasons to be careful before saying that more visits is worse:

  1. First, a large building will get more visits
  2. The severity of the infractions is not coded (and I’d worry more about, say, a hole in the roof than junk on the lot).
  3. Buildings change and improve. Landlords fix problems.
  4. It’s possible‚ even likely, that the data or I am in error

Still, the buildings with a caution sign received more visits than 97.5% of the rest of the community, for one reason or another.


¹ The city is amazing at open data, at least compared to the province and the feds, which really pale in comparison.

² I was inspired by Landlordwatch, who are working on a similar project. They, however, are rather political, and their data has a few flaws.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Landlords mapped”

  1. Wow! This is fascinating — and so much work! The visits at least suggest dissatisfaction with conditions provided. And we know from the ongoing garbage battle with the landlords at the building on Church how hard it is to get attention to renters’ issues.
    Thanks. But sleep, please.

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