Laneway to close?

Local residents have asked the city to consider closing the laneway between Lawrence Avenue and MacDonald because they have had concerns about “illegal and antisocial behaviours”.


The city is recommending against closing the laneway, and the issue will be decided at the next Etobicoke York Community Council meeting on June 14.  Community Council often overrules staff recommendations.

Residents have complained for several years about the laneways, and have asked to have them closed by fences. The city says they provide efficient pedestrian access, especially for Weston CI students—300 of whom use the laneways every day around lunch time. Staff also worry that closing them will actually encourage crime by taking eyes off the street, and by providing a surface for graffiti.

Your correspondent can’t help but think that this is a fairly simple problem to solve. The city could put up lights, and a nearby resident could put up a camera to monitor for this putative illegal activity. Or she could play opera and drive the teens away.

Dreaming big: they could be made into parkettes, to bring more pedestrians and more community enforcement, instead of more privatized public space.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Laneway to close?”

  1. Yea, no way, I’ve lived around these lanes all my life here. It’s a shortcut to get to school. Noone hangs around there for long, I’ve NEVER seen that.

  2. A lot of laneways end up as dead space and are just ugly. Frankly, if someone were to be up to no good, I could see them using a laneway to facilitate their activity.

    I agree with Adam that the space could be beautified.

    The Laneway Project could be the solution.

    We should be thinking big. Rather than closing it off or going with the status quo the community and interested stakeholders could come together with their ideas and we could create something really great. There is a lot of talent and folks with ideas in this community and we shouldn’t waste this opportunity.

    Something to consider.

  3. This is an opportunity to make the space nicer, and Adam’s suggestions (except for playing opera) are great! This is a chance to value-add to Weston, as Patricia says.

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