Final call for electric trains

The Clean Train Coalition is making one last push to make the Air Rail Link electric, according to Inside Toronto.

Metrolinx recently announced it is entering into negotiations to purchase Japanese-built diesel powered vehicles for the Air Rail Link by Feb. 6 – instead of waiting for the completion of the electrification study, as had been previously indicated by the Ontario Minister Kathleen Wynne….

“All our efforts will be for nought if this decision gets made,” he said at the Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood Centre, Thursday evening. “Once they buy something it’ll be difficult for us to change that decision.”

“That’s why Dorsey and fellow CTC member Lisa Kiss put their heads together to determine how the CTC could mobilize people to take action. Their approach: an “all-hands-on-deck,” “go-for-broke” campaign to stop the signature and purchase of these trains on Feb. 6.

Read the article here. Get involved by calling your representatives and Metrolinx.

  • Metrolinx: (416) 869-3600
  • Laura Albanese: (416) 243-7984
  • Alan Tonks: : (416) 656-2526
  • Frances Nunziata: (416) 392-4091

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Final call for electric trains”

  1. I have contacted Councillor Nunziata’s office and they referred me to Ms Albanese.

    It’s closed-door dealing and we’re going to breathing the nasty fumes — and out health care feeling the strain — for a long time.

    We need to keep making noise about this issue.

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