Community Council votes to send lawyers to fight tall building appeals

Etobicoke York Community Council approved a motion to send lawyers to the Ontario Land Tribunal to argue against building the proposed tall buildings at 1821–1823 Weston Road and 8–16 Locust Street.

The owners of 1821 Weston are proposing a 38-storey, 446-unit building that would, according to city staff, violate:

  • The Provincial policy statement
  • The Growth Plan
  • Toronto’s official plan
  • “Area specific and city wide guidelines”

City planners say it does not fit the local built form, is too close to property lines, and is “out of scale to its surroundings”, and will “negatively impact adjacent lands—among many other complaints.

Staff say,

Development on this site could be supported, if it provides appropriate setbacks, separation distances, massing, building height and density, as directed in the Official Plan, the Weston Urban Design Guidelines, and the City-Wide Tall Building Design Guidelines in cooperation with adjacent property owners.

City staff also oppose the 35-storey, 372-unit proposed building on Locust Street.

They say it violates:

  • The Provincial Policy Statement
  • The Growth Plan
  • Mount Dennis’ urban design guidelines

It is also, they say, too tall, too close to the property line, and out of context with the neighbouring buildings, again, among other complaints. “Given the existing and planned context for the subject property and the surrounding area, the proposed density, height and massing proposed in its current form cannot be supported by staff.”

In both cases, staff recommended “that City Council direct the City Solicitor, together with appropriate City staff, to oppose the current proposal at the OLT and continue discussions with the Applicant to resolve outstanding issues.”

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Community Council votes to send lawyers to fight tall building appeals”

  1. “Development on this site could be supported, if.. .. in cooperation with adjacent property owners.”

    Here they (developers) go, again. Just a slightly different day & location. Pushing the envelope, unreasonably.

    Here’s a fantasy:

    Too bad that all inherent court costs could not be presented to these developer types who continuously try to slip by given guidelines & restrictions – hoping that eventually, there’ll be a meltdown at Council and the City staff level.

    Wouldn’t that be a novel precedent to apply to these solicitor intensive meetings?

    Come on, try harder you greedy dirt bags!

    How about a down to earth, “reasonable” design out of the gate, for a change? You know, something truly worthy of societal posterity & praise.

    Where do you think we are, Dubai?

  2. “Resolve outstanding issues”!

    This is what the developers count on, wait and grease more palms but the plans themselves need to be scrapped.

    Court costs to the developers: a great idea.

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