Leonard Fullerton; a wasted life.

In the Toronto Star today is an excellent article about the life and death of local resident Leonard Fullerton; shot dead (an unsolved crime) in October at the age of 26. His life was an unfortunate series of mis-steps from which he was unable to recover. The article raises some interesting questions about the role of schools and police in dealing with behaviour, petty crime and the uneven treatment of young black men. No doubt this young man’s parents weren’t perfect – whose are? No doubt he was into petty crime and made mistakes. How many adults can look back and say that their youth was blemish free? The point is that a young white man from Rosedale or Forest Hill would have probably been given a second chance by the school system and the police. Without such support, and with a criminal record, young black men like Leonard Fullerton have no means of supporting themselves and thus can see little alternative to a life of petty (or worse) crime.

Toronto Star article: How a young Toronto black man got tagged as trouble


2 thoughts on “Leonard Fullerton; a wasted life.”

  1. The double standard must stop. The media and police have conditioned society to fear the black drug dealer/gang banger, but to find empathy for the down trodden white drug addict or suburban drug dealer.

  2. This is a timely reminder of the continuing need for compassion and the energy to fight against the cruelty and destructiveness of racism. It’s a sad series of missteps, with tragic consequences.

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