Letter of the week: Bus stop at the UP Express Station

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Anne T commented on the news that Uber and Metrolinx have come to an arrangement. She quite sensibly wonders why Metrolinx and the TTC haven’t entered into a similar arrangement.

What would make even MORE SENSE is to have a TTC bus stop right at the front doors of the UP Weston station where presently many passengers are either picked up or dropped off.  I’m a frequent UP user who takes the Weston 89 bus to the station and have to walk through the parking lot.  DEFINITELY a TTC  bus stop makes more sense!

Why should UBER have their own taxi stand?  Why the special privilege for just UBER and not other taxi companies? Is Metrolinx making money on this UBER/Metrolinx deal?   And why should we sell the parking lot to private developers?  It’s bad enough that we sold the 407 to Spain.  When will we finally put an end to this insanity?

If Metrolinx is trying to encourage people to leave their cars at home, a convenient stop at the station entrance would be welcomed bu UP and GO riders. A very frosty person at Metrolinx’s phone reception said that it would be up to the TTC to get the ball rolling on this. I’ve left a message with the TTC at their suggestions page.

Readers who like this idea may wish to contact the TTC and Metrolinx to lend your support.

TTC suggestion page here

TTC phone line – 7:00 am – 10:00 pm: 416.393.3030

Metrolinx suggestion page here.

Metrolinx phone line: 416.874.5900

4 thoughts on “Letter of the week: Bus stop at the UP Express Station”

  1. Yes! All this talk of making things easier for commuters and then it’s the private developers who’ll benefit … and move on.

    TTC stop is a no brainer. No one, Ms Nunziata, is overseeing the good of the neighbourhood it seems.

  2. Years ago I asked both Metrolinx and TTC why Weston was not a Mobility hub on both the ‘Big Move’ and TTC plans. Metrolinx pointed to TTC and could not explain why Jane and Eglinton WAS a mobility hub (0 residents nearby, two buses intersecting) yet Weston (10,000 residents nearby, 4 bus routes intersecting, 2 rail lines, 3 other bus routes nearby) was not. TTC said 89 and 52 patrons would not want to be slowed down by entering the station. With the obvious popularity of UP perhaps it’s time for both Metrolinx and TTC to come out of their silos, and revisit their decisions.
    Mount Dennis will now be a Hub (it wasn’t in the BIG Move) and Jane, Weston and Eglinton buses will all reroute through the station. Will Jane bus patrons be upset at a 2 km diversion?

  3. I received this response from Kevin at the TTC:

    Dear Roy Murray:
    I am writing further to your online correspondence regarding your suggestion for a bus stop outside the Weston UP station.
    Both the 52 Lawrence route and the 89 Weston bus have stops very close by. It does not appear feasible to have bus stops any closer to the entrance of the station than those which already exist.
    That being said, I have notified the appropriate personnel of your comments for further review.
    Thank you kindly for your comments and for allowing me the opportunity to respond.
    TTC Senior Customer Service Representative

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