Letter of the week – Farmers Market

This week’s letter comes from ‘Anonymous’ and comes up with an excellent idea about the Weston Farmers Market that is obvious in hindsight.

As the new Weston Hub moves closer to opening day and its new facilities are taking shape on the ground rather than on paper, it’s becoming harder to imagine the Weston Farmers Market shoehorned into its future designated space.

The planned 2019 home of the Farmers Market.
The space that traders have enjoyed at the UP Express location. (file)

There are plans to have landscaping in front of the rental tower building and along the walkway to the footbridge that will eat away precious available space and although there has been a suggestion that the market be allowed to spill over onto adjacent John Street, it is clear that traders will have to scale back their stall space. This may make Weston’s market not worth the bother.

It has been proposed that the market spill over onto John Street.

Another factor is the noise. Traders begin setting up the market from 5 am. This is a noisy process and may disturb homes overlooking the site.

What’s the solution – well, that’s proposed in the letter of the week.

“I wonder if the folks at Weston Lions Arena were asked to share their lot for the neighbourhood market?

Way back in the olden days, was it not known as the Fair Grounds?

Wouldn’t that be a nice venue – right in the river valley, away from the very tired looking Main Street area.” – Anonymous

The Weston Lions Arena parking lot.

The idea is worthy of consideration. The space is huge,  further away from residences and as the arena is closed from April until October, it is a natural fit with the market. Adjacent to the parking lot is nature in all its glory, a splash pad, playground, tennis courts, soccer field and during July and August, the open air pool is open, there adding to the festive atmosphere. As an added bonus there is plenty of parking.


7 thoughts on “Letter of the week – Farmers Market”

  1. Not sure of the Weston Lions is the best location…kinda invisible, the GO/UP lot is best for exposure….or even better move it to the Weston Superstore location….the market doesn’t help Weston Rd anyways…..
    sounds like the farmers market might not happened at the new crappy rental tower…guess we can thank the BIA and resident group for their success……

    1. Agreed with the comment above. The building was supposed to provide an outdoor public area with ample space to facilitate the Weston farmer’s market. Unfortunately, our Resident’s group/BIA came up short-handed once again and we are left with just another rental building. What a joke!

  2. But, were they not looking for a temporary spot during all this construction until that socalled “ideal” area was set to go for the Market?

    Roy’s correct when he lays out the benefits of being down there in the valley, and it’s a long list of pluses.

    Most communities would love to have that list to work with for such a project, if the parks & rec people are in also agreeable – the paths are wide and paved, too.

    And, does the Lions Club not enjoy assisting the community with these types of issues & concerns?

    They just don’t run a hockey rink, do they?

    As for the Crossroads location idea, one look at the Superstore’s parking lot these days will make you gag. They can barely get their garden market situated properly for this season. It’s the worst year yet for that setting.

    Plus, why have a Farmer’s Market right beside a Loblaws Superstore?

    Hey, wouldn’t you want a little bit of country in your Farmer’s Market venue? (Or at least the illusion of the country with a river running through it.)

    And come on, it’s not that far away – mere steps to the UP/GO station – which people walk daily to & from the train station, effectively killing two birds with one stone it would seem – i.e. get a reasonable parking spot, and get a little exercise built into their day at the same time.

    More than anything, people have to want to go to a Farmer’s Market. And, if you put it into a river valley setting, maybe just maybe, people will come out and enjoy some time in the parkland – even if they don’t buy a thing.

  3. This is a great idea! And steps from both Weston Rd and Lawrence, and the setting!

    Let’s get behind this idea.

  4. The BIA is a joke. Those that run the farmer’s market are no better either. I wouldn’t be surprised that the market is purposely being run into the ground so that it wouldn’t matter if it were or were not around anymore. Less headache for those in power to figure out what to do with it….
    It’s true that at one time the market was the crown jewel in Weston. Have you gone lately? The market and its managers have been terrible at promoting it or getting new vendors. They have been successful in alienating visitors and vendors. Ask. What I am saying is true. I heard that someone local wanted to take on the challenge of running the market and would have taken part of the salary and injected it back into the market. The board refused.
    The market flourished on John. It will again under the proper management. Perhaps a combination of John South Station or John and PK lane could be a solution. All I know is that if things continue the way they are going the farmers market will have the same legacy as Little Tony’s pizza, beaver lumber, kresge, belmont chev, grant brown, little brothers, westend chrysler, 2 for 1 pizza, hakim, ccm, the odeon, the fox, canadian tire,lcbo,beer store, cibc,scotia, td, bmo, etc, etc, etc.

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