Liberal Nomination Candidates Post their Details.

Readers may be aware that a Federal Election must be held on or before October 19 of next year. Although the Tories legislated the actual date of the election, the Prime Minister retained the right to call an election before then. The likelihood of an earlier election is therefore strong as the Tories will no doubt seize any opportunity to take advantage of high polling numbers should that occur.

Three candidates so far are contesting the nomination to represent the Liberal Party of Canada in the riding of York South-Weston. They have responded to the questions posed by WestonWeb and these responses are presented below. WestonWeb will alert readers once the date of the nomination meeting is announced.

Anthony Cesario

Relevant experience:

Anthony is a small business owner and a lifelong Liberal. Prior to starting his own business, he worked in municipal government for over 10 years and volunteered with various city, provincial and federal politicians over the last 15 years. Anthony has been working on the nomination process since mid-January. He is the son of immigrants who came to Canada with the hope of a brighter future.

Main Issues:

Anthony believes that the riding has lost its voice in Ottawa and that he can help restore that voice by being part of a Liberal government that is interested in the priorities of the York South-Weston: seniors’ concerns, funding community services, providing effective transit service and combating youth unemployment.


He doesn’t presently live in the riding but has many relatives and friends that do. He has provided services and assistance to the riding through his work in municipal government.

Monique Rudder

Relevant experience:

1: Immigrated to Canada from Trinidad & Tobago in the West Indies in 1989, at the age of 13, raised by a single mother, attended University of Toronto through a combination of scholarships, student loans, summer and part-time jobs.

2: Earned a Chartered Accountant designation and has 15 years of business experience. Her job involves working with colleagues and collaborating with clients to develop solutions. MP role is similar – must listen and engage with constituents from varying backgrounds and community leaders, develop recommendations to address needs and be a strong advocate for public policy beneficial for the riding.

3. Has volunteered with various groups through the company she works for and also participated in income tax clinics, United Way events, Canadian Women’s network, volunteered for an NPO that supports Pan-Asian professionals and co-facilitated a course for the University of Waterloo’s Master of Taxation program for 5 years.

4. Has been a member of the Liberal Party for a few years, has canvassed with MPP Laura Albanese as well as acting as a scrutineer in the recent provincial election. Now wishes to become more involved and give back to the community where she grew up.

Main Issues:

1. Jobs and training

2. Housing and enforcement of standards so that people can live in dignity.

3. Access to equal opportunity and ability to get ahead, including subsidized day care.

She has canvassed in low income buildings, continues to meet with community groups in the riding and understands the struggles that people are going through.

She believes the Liberal Party is committed to invigorating the political process and achieving increased engagement with citizens. She is also interested in the increased engagement of women and youth in public service.


She lived in York South-Weston until her early twenties and feels at home in the area. She currently lives in Parkdale High-Park with her husband and two children. Her mother still resides in the riding. Previously her grandmother also lived in the riding until moving to a retirement home due to the need for specialized care.

Bill Saundercook

Relevant experience:

As a city councillor, first for the City of York then for our mega city, Toronto, I learned a tremendous amount about our communities in York-South Weston. I’m very proud of my achievement of starting the first Blue Box program in York (all of Toronto followed), and many years of affiliated committees to the health of our Humber River. My association with numerous committees is too long to mention here, but maybe at another time. Being a life long resident of York, living in 7 different communities of west end Toronto (formerly York) has allowed me to experience the diversity of  neighbourhoods. Now, having raised our family of 5, my wife, Anne and I live in Swansea. Anne teaches in the riding, Our Lady of Victory and I taught many years (mostly part time) in Mississauga (Dufferin-Peel Catholic Board). Having the privilege of representing York-South Weston as their Member of Parliament would allow me to bring much of my life experience to the everyday lives of most of the constituency.

Main Issues:

Some of the main issues of York-south Weston, to mention just 3, would be, the aging population, youth unemployment, and infrastructure needs and concerns for the future. Without getting into too much detail, here is a thought on addressing all 3 at the same time. It has come to my attention, in dialogue with the President of the Humber River Regional Hospital, that not too far into the future, we will be dealing with a surplus building! What better location to offer our seniors a centre for activity, residence possibly, and health related care and at the same time, hopefully offer many of our youth opportunities to engage and work with our elderly! This may be a project that touches all levels of government and community, but would serve the Trimbee family proud for keeping a local service approach to the future use of this building!


I currently do not live in the boundaries of York-South Weston. But, over the years, the boundaries have changed many times and subsequently, I have lived and voted many times for candidates representing York-South Weston.

4 thoughts on “Liberal Nomination Candidates Post their Details.”

  1. Love the liberal lies….they will do this and that….LOL!!!! ya right. Just like when Alan was there…..

  2. As opposed to everyone else’s lies. From what I see of Weston, no one has done anything for this area in a very long time. That includes all levels of government.

  3. Ok What… Whatever. And just like Mike Sullivan too….Such transformative chage he has brought despite all the cheap talk and promises.

    In all seriousness, not one person has the capcity or ability to turn around a whole community or neighborhood with a snap of a finger or a truck load of money. It starts with small incremental steps, the most important of these being transit. There is hope if they have stops along the Weston Go line. Then the re-development money will follow.

    The one thing that people like What forgets is that York Township and Weston were all lower income working class communities created outside of the downtown core of the old Toronto, going back to the 30’s. Not much has changed in the present day, just the dempgraphics. Please spare me the rhetoric and constant bashing of Weston’s problems as the fault of the Liberals or Alan Tonks. The community has always had its share of social problems going back way before most of us were alive. What’s simplistic attempt to smear someone who has contrubted his whole life to the community, or those who are trying to get involved for its future, exposes What for what he or she really is….

  4. Isn’t there a guy named Kerlinger that is in the race? I get confused, but is he an official candidate or is he just running on his own? I’m not familiar with the process really, but his flyers have been handed out in the neighborhood. I’m not registered as a Liberal, but if I were I’d vote Cesario since he at least has experience with governing.

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