Liberals hiding embarrassing report on UP Express

The Liberals are hiding a document that could make the UP Express look like another gas plant debacle, the Progressive Conservatives and NDP say. Rosario Marchese, an NDP MPP, says that they are filibustering his motion to produce documents that would embarrass them.

Marchese is asking Metrolinx and the Ministry of Transportation to produce their market studies for the Air Rail Link. These documents would show the projected ridership and revenue—and just how bad the expected losses will be. The Auditor General said last year that it is “not feasible” for the UP Express to break even.

Marchese first asked the government to produce the documents on December 3. On December 10, the Liberal members of the committee ran the clock down so that they couldn’t vote—leading PC Jeff Yurek to say the fillibuster is “disgusting and in bad taste”. On February 18, they did the same thing.

In last week’s Committee on Government Agencies meeting, Marchese said “it is clear that the government doesn’t want this to be dealt with, and so they are deliberately stalling.” And his Liberal counterpart, Mike Colle, did just that—speaking, at length, on an unrelated point, and trying to extend the deadline of  Marchese’s motion from 30 days to 60. Mitzie Hunter, another Liberal, took over for Colle and ragged the puck until the meeting ended, delaying the vote until the next meeting of the committee—at the earliest.

The Liberals may be trying to postpone the report until after the imminent election. Laura Albanese, our MPP, is on this committee.




Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Liberals hiding embarrassing report on UP Express”

  1. Learning from the worst models, the Republicans sulking lay closing down government in the US, trying to kill health care, McGinty stepping down (like Sarah Palindrome) when things got embarrassing … Thank you Albanese for your window-dressing gesture about electrification, when all along you were toeing the party line and covering up information on just what a farce the economic benefits are, even though those benefits have been used to beat down concerns about pollution, noise, disruption … And now, keep the information under wraps until after the election! Ick.

  2. Another Liberal scandal….surprised?
    But don’t worry Laura, we will still all vote you in… know it and so do the other Liberals….so why change?

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