Library may not have hours cut

A late-found pot of money means that library hours will probably not be cut While Frances Nunziata was predicting that library hours would have to be trimmed, Rob Ford’s allies on the powerful executive committee voted in the end to soften the tough 2012 budget and preserve library services.

Nunziata earlier told Correire Canadese that

cuts to the library system will not lead to closures… but rather to “the reduction of a few hours of operation.” She emphasizes that “taxpayers cannot pay out-of-pocket.”

In the end, however, City Council will be asked to cut the library budget by $3.9 million, instead of $7 million. According to the Star, library hours will probably not have to be reduced. Council will vote next week on the budget.

The extra money came from a $8.8 million surplus from higher-than-expected property tax revenues in 2011.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Library may not have hours cut”

  1. That’s good news, but I think changes need to made to make the library more efficient. The Weston Library is getting more crowded, the computers are out of date with old software. Lineups to check in or out books are getting longer. First time I saw lineup nearly out the door a few weeks ago. I asked if they they are going bring express self-check out, they said this year soon. I hope that would improve the waiting problem. I don’t know about the labour situation, but just by observation I seen many too employees for a non-research library. I always thought North York had the best libraries, these days I drop the Downsview branch more often, much bigger and better used of space.

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