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Metrolinx has caved into pressure from politicians, community groups, and Roy, and has agreed to do a better job with the Kodak lands.

Metrolinx agreed Wednesday to support a community working group’s principals to intensify development of the Kodak lands — a vision also approved by city council — instead of using the site solely as the Crosstown’s storage and maintenance facility.

“We’ve agreed that we’re going to work with the principals in terms of our requests for proposals going out and we’re going to continue to engage with the community as we move forward,” said Metrolinx spokesman Jamie Robinson.

Adam Giambrone, former commissioner of the TTC, has a scathing article on Metrolinx’s wall plans:

As has often been the case, Metrolinx has been more concerned with directives from Queen’s Park than with community input, and has given little indication of willingness to bend. Citing recommendations from the Ministry of the Environment, but couching them as requirements about noise mitigation that require large barriers, Metrolinx has allocated $20 to $25 million to the project.

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Author: Adam Norman

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