Lions Park Steps – What Happened?

A nighttime view of the steps taken last February.
A nighttime view of the steps taken last February.

Readers may be familiar with the rickety set of wooden steps that lead from Hickory Tree Road down to Lions Park. They are part of a vital walkway that connects residents in the Humber Heights community to Weston’s parks, stores and transportation links. The steps are well past their sell-by date and have to be constantly repaired and patched together. During winter they need to be heavily salted.

A few months ago, an announcement was made that in September 2015, the steps would be replaced by metal ones similar to those connecting Cruickshank Park to Weston Road. Metal steps don’t need salting as snow and ice can pass right through them. September has come and gone and the steps still stand. In the meantime thousands of dollars were found to install speed bumps along Hickory Tree Road in spite of an underwhelming and questionable demand.

I contacted Councillor Nunziata’s office for an update and to date have not received a reply. Perhaps our faithful readers could make some inquiries…

One thought on “Lions Park Steps – What Happened?”

  1. Thanks for the update. These steps are crucial, and statements from Ms Nunziata need to be followed through.
    This is important community action and merits more than promises.

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