Little Ave development at City Council

City Council will vote this week on the development at Weston and Little. The two very large, very tall buildings were approved at Etobicoke York Community Council last month.

Many community members, including your correspondent, disagreed with the scale of the buildings, their poor fit into the community, the opaque process, and the work of the city planners, among other things.

The development has grown (and grown) from a single 28-storey building to two 29-storey towers—and again, to a 29-storey tower and a 34-storey one. Though they initially objected, last month city planners approved the proposal without (in my view) significant improvements.

In 2020, they said,

the proposed building “would result in a bulky, overwhelming presence”, “fails to address the local and planned context” and “is inappropriate for the site”. Staff say the plan should be rejected and redesigned as a “mid-rise building with a 45 degree angular plane provided from the Neighbourhoods, open space and low-rise areas and that particular attention be paid to heritage features”.

(From a 2020 article)

The 45º angular plane was adopted, but the buildings remain just as bulky, and overwhelming, and the second, slightly-smaller building will be among the largest in Weston. The largest building in the neighbourhood will be its fraternal twin.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.