Local hospital ahead of the curve.

Humber River Hospital (CNW Group/Humber River Hospital) From Wikipedia.

If you saw this pandemic coming in January or even February, you’re not alone. Many Canadians watched in dismay while various politicians and their medical officers of health basically twiddled around. We were also told that face masks were ineffective but that’s another story.

There’s a Toronto company called Blue Dot and they analyze masses of data using artificial intelligence. Blue Dot was able to predict the spread of Zika along with other diseases using huge amounts of data that is mostly publicly available. They analyze this data and present conclusions to clients who can then plan accordingly. Blue Dot saw the Covid-19 pandemic coming as early as December and knew where and how it would spread from Wuhan long before any of our local experts or politicians did. The CBS show 60 Minutes covered Humber River Hospital’s use of Blue Dot’s services and it’s quite impressive to see what the application of artificial intelligence can do during a pandemic.

Let’s hope that some intelligent thinking and data usage will be used to guide lifting of the lockdown so that Canada can successfully emerge from its current medically induced coma.

2 thoughts on “Local hospital ahead of the curve.”

  1. Evidently, we’ll know much better when all the proverbial dust settles on this Corona virus, we hope. For now, good spotting & thanks for sharing the report from the “60 Minutes” folks, that’s slipped past us.

  2. Add to that:

    Thanks, Roy
    for linking us to that Global News report from a year ago, too.

    Brilliant & fascinating.

    And, with a major shout out to Humber River Regional for being so very astute to build a relationship with Blue Dot’s team of researchers.

    Seriously, we can only hope that all of our public Health Departments across the land are associating themselves with their research and consequently, trying to nudge our political leadership in that important direction.

    In the meantime, distancing & hygiene – tfn.

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