Local Police Superintendent appointed OPP Commissioner.

Toronto Police Superintendent Ron Taverner, currently in charge of 12, 23 and 31 Divisions (the north-west corner of the city that includes Weston and Mount Dennis) is heading for a new job on December 17. He has been appointed Commissioner of the 9000 member Ontario Provincial Police. According to Ontario’s Newsroom site, his appointment is “based on the unanimous recommendation of a selection committee comprised exclusively of members of the Ontario Public Service and supported by Odgers Berndtson, an executive search firm.”.

Superintendent Taverner’s career with Toronto Police began in 1967 and there are many supportive and glowing testimonials in reaction to his appointment. Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders and Police Association President Mike McCormack (among others) welcomed the news and think that the appointment is a good one.

There is at least one dissenting voice. Former OPP Commissioner (2010 – 2014), Chris Lewis says he is shocked. In an interview with CTV News, Lewis says says things like, “The appointment is a real kick to the OPP – someone from the outside with very limited experience.”, “The fix was in from the outset.” (Taverner is a friend of the Ford family).

Who will replace Taverner? Let’s hope it’s someone who can solve some of the problems that have frustrated the current incumbent and stubbornly resisted a solution over the past few years.

One thought on “Local Police Superintendent appointed OPP Commissioner.”

  1. Yes sir, curious choice, Premier Ford.

    Advancing, (arguably) a very experienced “cop’s cop”, with at best “middle manager” experience to head up a vast provincial law enforcement group – at the tender age of, 73?

    Seriously, Douglas?
    Your Mom’s septuagenarian friend?

    How does he warrant this kind of responsibility, in this challenging socio-political environment?

    Maybe he has some good old fashioned ideas on how to handle difficult affairs – as long as he doesn’t lose his cool to much.

    Most of us understand that the way of the world, in that “decision makers” – no matter the snack bracket or political stripe – are often quite likely prepared to reward & advance their friends, or like minded people.

    But, do they all have to make their choices so obvious, much of the time?

    Anyway, let’s see how this edgy old law enforcement guy does with his time spent at the head of Ontario’s finest.

    Maybe, he’ll do okay.

    Good thing there are layers to this governing thing, with time limits, at least for now.

    Good rule of thumb:
    Question authority, no matter who they are.
    (But, try to avoid concussion while banging your head against the wall.)

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