Lot division on John

The owners of 135 John have asked the city for permission to sever the property and build two townhomes on the site. If approved, the new homes may be a bit like a bear on a bike: too large, and out of character. (They will need exemption from city bylaws governing lot size and greenery).

What say you, Westonians: what room is there for densification in Weston?

Thanks to J for the tip.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

26 thoughts on “Lot division on John”

  1. This is a horrible idea. We don’t need to be splitting lots and building these types of houses in Weston

    1. But its okay to add and build more “affordable” housing along Weston Rd. Get out of your bubble between the tracks and Jane st.

  2. Knock down the shacks and put up nice houses, get rid of the idiots that want to make Weston historical and let the house prices sky rocket like other pockets of the city. Weston will be up & coming soon with its vicinity to the Hwy,s

    1. Those same people that want Weston to be historical are the same people that push and agree with adding more affordable housing along Weston Rd…they think John St building will save the area and Weston Rd. Wait till TD Bank goes bye bye….when banks leave an area, its very telling………

  3. You can’t set the precedent to divide the lot into the smallest lots in the neighborhood. It’s a nice large lot and should stay that way. Build a nice single dwelling home for a young family to move into.

    1. Agreed better to have a large single family home but if done right like homes off Avenue Road on 25 and 30 foot lots it will still add value to the neighbourhood. That particular lot has overgrown trees and a delapitated house on it.

      1. LOL…please Avenue Rd and Weston Rd don’t compare….clean up Weston Rd, hold the landlords accountable for the upkeep of buildings along Weston Rd, build new schools (why is Weston Memo and Pelmo split) where is the community centre…maintain a properly planned business district along Weston Rd……etc…then you will see the area of Weston will grow and prosper…..

    1. The house is condemned, meaning that it has to get torn down and rebuilt. The owner is trying to sever the lot and purchased the property with that intention in mind. Severing lots in Weston has always been a contentious issue.

      I am indifferent on the idea. Part of me thinks its good that we can get more housing in the city, but at what cost and who actually profits from the return on investment? Beautification in Weston is always welcome, but cookie-cutter is far from beauty. I hope Nunziata hosts a meeting with the property owner and the residents of Weston.

      1. Agreed, there is nothing wrong with renovators or small developers knocking down run down houses or small houses for larger homes. It makes all our property values go up and will clean up the area.

  4. The houses across from this proposed lot division were recently renovated by builders, so roofline and visual continuity are non-starters IMO.

  5. Just reread this: exemption from greenery by-laws? No, lose the tree, pave everything over and all the rain goes into the sewer, and the many benefits of having mature trees are lost.

    I’m tired of exemptions for Weston, on height and tree canopy. It’s backward thinking.

  6. The same folk who say the area needs to be cleaned up are same fools who opose any sort of refresh to the area.

    Let’s get a move on these sort of projects to bring new life to the area.

  7. Rebuilding the condemned house or removing the massive tree in the backyard isn’t my problem it’s severing the lot in half to create the smallest two lots in Weston is what I don’t like. The other houses on John that have been recently renovated did nothing to their lot sizes. They just removed the smaller run down houses on the lot and rebuilt a larger single family dwelling. We need more of that.

  8. This proposal will get shot down just like proposal for 96 John St where the owner wanted to build another home in the vacant area next to the existing home. It’s a shame the people who oppose these projects are so short-sighted. Maybe it’s a sign of their aging and they’ll be gone from Weston soon!

  9. Smallest lot in Weston. Ahha there are semis on the street. It’s a mixed area. This brings value to homes in the area. Come on all this is great for the area.

  10. The city has confirmed the current house is not condemned. Yes, invest in Weston, but do not sever lots in the process.

    1. why not? the area looks like shit…..so if someone will invest into the community to help it move along, why not?

    2. What’s the harm with 26 foot lots? There are plenty of beautiful houses on smaller lots with historical charm. if we put too many restrictions, no one will want to invest here and instead develop elsewhere. Weston will be left behind while the rest of the city benefits from these investment dollars.

  11. I think this is a great Idea.. What do you mean the smallest lots… there are lots of 25’s on the street, semis .. These are two great looking detached homes that will add value to the neighborhood….
    i don’t know where the author got townhomes from… these are two detached

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