John Street lot expropriated

The city has expropriated the overgrown lot at 14 John Street near Peter the Barber’s shop. Interestingly, the lot was not expropriated because it was an eyesore; it was taken to make space for a “Cultural Hub”.

John Street will soon be permanently closed to traffic, and Metrolinx is building a pedestrian bridge over the tracks. The bridge, though, needs to take up some space in the parking lot on John.

That space, though, was supposed to be used for an expanded Farmers’ Market and as space for cultural activities. The lot beside was expropriated by the city to ensure that the hub would still be viable.

The city does not say how much they paid for the lot.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

10 thoughts on “John Street lot expropriated”

  1. How much was paid for the lot will become public at some point, but I believe only once council approves it and the deal is done.

  2. A cultural hub? Can we just not use the money to attract the YMCA??? So will this be what Frances uses as the “what I did over the last four years” ?

  3. Please, plans turn out not to be feasible yet again: get the Y, get something the community needs, do something more than a parking lot expansion for the market.
    This community needs neighbourhood spaces like the Y, not a “cultural hub.”

  4. What is a Cultural Hub anyway? Is this another drop-in center?

  5. Isn’t this so called “cultural hub” a Nunziata idea? Must be since its pretty silly.
    I don’t think taxpayer money should be used for this idea…..if the money is directed to anything, it should be for the YMCA. Enough said……

  6. Wouldn’t Weston Road from south of Lawrence to Church be considered a “Cultural Hub”…so that’s it – , we already have one ….in which case let’s concentrate on getting a “Y”…..

  7. Give the Y $2.5 million and the land and you will see how fast they will “want” to be in Weston.

  8. The Y wants to be in Weston, but it’s not a top spot at the moment. Cultural hubs are usually consider places that community members can hold meetings, rallies, farmers markets, etc. An example of a cultural hub is Wychwood Barns in Ward 21.

    Personally, I don’t care for Nunziata’s politics, but to pretend like a YMCA is just going to come here because you “give” them $2.5 million and land is wrong. They have to have support (which they do), money (which is not certain, because other parts of the city have higher priority) and land (which is never guaranteed). The Y in Halifax is going to cost around $23million. Do the math. It’s not as simple as just throwing land a small chunk of money, there are so many factors involved.

    Anyways, a cultural hub is a good thing for the neighbourhood, as would be the addition of a YMCA. Why stop at a hub, though? Why not continue pushing the politicians to do it? Anyways, just my 2cents.

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