Man falls from Weston apartment after being Tasered

A man fell from a third-floor apartment after being Tasered by police, according to CTV News. The man, who was wanted for a domestic assault, had climbed down from the 10th floor. He then negotiated with police for several hours before they Tasered him.

The man was in the troubled apartment building at 1765 Weston Rd—the same apartment two men died outside after a shooting in 2010 and in which a police officer was shot in 2001. Another man, Jahmelle Grant, was murdered nearby in 2009.

The building may be expanded as part of Toronto’s “Tower Renewal” project.  The landlord of  1765 and 1775  Weston Road was named one of Toronto’s worst landlords by NOW Magazine.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Man actually did not commit the crime there but lived there. He beat the crap out of his girlfriend in another part of the city and she was able to give his address to the police. So they found him there and he tried to escape by jumping to another floor from the balcony. Resisting and assault… taser away!

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