Man mugged in apartment on Woodward

According to 31 Division police, a man was mugged as he entered his apartment building on Woodward Avenue, in Weston.

On Monday, January 24 at about 5 pm, two men followed the victim into his building. One grabbed him in a headlock, while the other demanded his phone. The victim resisted, they struggled, and the muggers ran off with the victim’s backpack.

Oddly, while the blotter says that the mugging happened on Woodward, I cannot find an apartment building on that street.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Man mugged in apartment on Woodward”

  1. Adam,

    The apartments on Woodward Avenue are on the east side of the hospital near Jane Street. The hospital cuts Woodward in to two sections.

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