Man murdered outside Shoppers Drug Mart

A man in his 50s was stabbed and killed outside the Shoppers on Weston Road today. Just before noon, witnesses reported a fist fight between a young man and the victim. The victim was found in life-threatening condition, and died in the hospital.

The perpetrator fled in a red SUV, and is described as

a black male in his late 20s or early 30s. He stands around five-foot-eleven, with a slim build and long curly hair. He was wearing all black clothing and a black toque.

The SUV was found in a parking lot not far away, and the perpetrator had fled.

Frances Nunziata has said there will be a community meeting about crime in the neighbourhood on November 22 at 7 pm. The location has not been announced.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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      1. Absolutely. I wonder what they thought the outcome would be by having such high concentration of low-income rentals.

      2. …its not the allowing, its the over intensification of low income high rises along both streets….and these same people who claim to love Weston sold out for Artscape….

        1. Yes, the density of low-income buildings is what I question. A bit of junk food here and there and your body should be fine but with a diet of mostly junk food, the likelihood of undesirable outcomes should be expected. Apply the same analogy to the density of low income rentals in an area and just observe.

  1. This could have happened anywhere, but the lack of planning and community services in Weston is a serious issue.

      1. Update..

        At this point (8pm+), the TPS has identified the victim, a 54 yr old man from Angus, Ont.

        And also, they’ve released info regarding an alleged accomplice (of the murderer) assisting that man not once, but twice – at the scene of the crime and then north of the scene.

        So, the plot thickens.

        Without prejudging, how will this story evolve?

        Let’s hope there’s very strong evidence with this tragic drama.

        Strong enough to convict those deserving.

        Let’s face it, this shouldn’t happen anywhere, let alone our challenged group of neighbourhoods – for as long as I can remember, at best, lower middle class communities.

        But, mainly working class.

        Working class, that is if your lucky enough to have a decent working class job, more so these days.

        As for high rise issue, these tall buildings have been around up & down these noted corridors for as long as I’ve been aware of Weston, which was around ’68, when it became my family’s home.

        And, my spouse (a third or fourth generation Westonite) remembers seeing high rises alongside Weston Road long before I got here.

        Actually, for the most part, they didn’t seem that bad back in the day, give or take.

        But, the job issue – all but gone for struggling people who still need a place to make a go of it, affordably.

        So, York South-Weston remains such a place – rough around the edges.

        It’s challenging for me (with shallower roots), because I worry for our children and many of their childhood friends who have now become parents, too.

        Many have invested in Weston & environs and choose to raise their babies here with hopes that it will change in a gentrified way, for the better.

        I hope they’ve not chosen poorly because of some foolish “Happy Days” notion & spirit.

        It’ll be an ultra tough job for everyone.

        But, if they succeed, and get help from all those concerned in our city – all very hopeful of raising healthy & happy babies, then good on them.

        Go for it.

        But, God bless ’em all..
        ..and let the good guys win.

        1. We can only work to make our neighbourhood better, and the vote of confidence in choosing to live here is the first step. Thanks for your thoughts, and for the information.

        2. I too have invested in Weston (home + rental home) as a place to raise my 4 young children. I don’t see it getting any better and fear I made the wrong choice. Banks are leaving, police station may be gone also… parkdale/rexdale 2.0

          1. I agree with John
            I am a home owner here with a young child and one on the way. I have been considering to sell and move.

  2. Parkdale/Rexdale 2.0 ?


    But, this may not be fair to those pour their hearts & souls into those communities, backed by their hard earned dollars.

    As with Weston, those neighbourhoods have very nice residential pockets, too.

    And like Weston, you soon get the sense that for the most part, people are property proud and try to turn their modest dwellings into something special, too.

    It may not be Swansea, The Kingsway or The Beach but you’d be surprised by the level of creativity & pride shown, just like in the heart of Weston.

    Go ahead, take a tour one day and see the sweet spots for yourself – you won’t be far from the West Humber River Valley, in the north & west, and the neighbouring High Park communities in the south.

    I said earlier that I worry for my kids, big & small – and that’s true, and will remain true until I die. It’s the same concerns our parents had for us. It shouldn’t be unique.

    But, our adult kids don’t have quite the same concerns.

    They like it just fine, even though they know there’s much work to be done. And so, somehow they find a way to love this place that they still call home, Weston.

    They have their family & friends near them, a strength in numbers spirit that seems to get them through some of the sketchy stuff, when it arises.

    But, they learned that long ago by being aware city kids, who grew & learned to get by in a very multi-cultural, multi-racial environment.

    And, having said that, I want to believe that there still are more good people in the world than bad.

    I’m counting on it.

    So, what do we do?

    Perhaps, we start with a smile and show more civility toward one another, including complete strangers.

    Good manners will get you far.
    (And, doesn’t cost you a thing.)

    Hey, maybe we hike up our big-boy pants and work even harder to preserve the good stuff that we have like keep the pride in ownership – ours and that of Weston in general.

    Maybe by utilizing Neighbourhood Watch or Crime Stoppers more often we’ll help keep things decent when things get tense.

    The phrase, “see something, say something” may be helpful.

    Just don’t give up.
    (“Some things worth having, are worth some kind of fight.”)

    You don’t have to be hawkish. But, at the same time you don’t have to be a dove – walk with a sense of awareness and confidence.

    Oh, and just because it’s not the same as 1968, make no mistake – there were plenty of thugs around back then to keep you on your toes. It wasn’t always pretty and stress free. You really had to learn to steer clear of danger then, as you do now.

    To this point, the TPS have not given us much on the deceased. (?)

    Odd, because usually by now we have some type of sympathetic story to better illustrate what may have happened to a victim of a savage crime.

    If there’s a so-called upside, maybe it’s a thugs life kind of story we’re trying to understand here, and they usually always end badly.

    We’ll wait and see.

      1. The rest of the story.

        Why was the victim, at one point reportedly was in the same car as the guys now being hunted.

        Did they actually know each other?

        And, it’s also interesting that they both (the 54 yr old victim and the 18 yr old stabber) evidently have a connection to the Barrie area.

        Dig a little deeper and you can easily see that the Barrie area is known for more than just recreational fun & vacationing.

        Odd coincidence?


        Doesn’t smell right.

        Seems like the TPS can’t (or won’t) share more of this story, at this point.

        So, we wait for the rest of the story..
        ..that’s what.

  3. Well, that sympathetic story has been filed about the victim – a couple of hours ago – and can be now seen on the CTV News Toronto web site.

    Case of wrong place, wrong time?

    Senseless and tragic, no matter what triggered this event.

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