Man stabbed

A man was beaten and stabbed early Saturday morning near Weston and Lawrence.

This is the third very violent incident this week. On the 21st, Minh Le, 61, was shot and killed near McDonald’s. On the 22nd, Abdikani Ismail, 31, was shot and killed while driving. The police said that both incidents were targeted shootings, but they have not said that they are related.

The police are looking for two men, one of whom is known to them.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Man stabbed”

  1. I heard through a friend of the victim that the stabbing was a random robbery/mugging attempt. The victim fought back and one of the attackers pulled a knife. The victim is in hospital recovering.
    This is very scary! It could have been any one of us!

    1. I was down thereon that corner Saturday morning waiting for a bus heading to Dollarama. Doesn’t even seem to be safe to travel in the day time.I don’t even venture out after dark anymore.

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