Mark De Montis announcement video.

Progressive Conservative nominee for York South-Weston in the upcoming Provincial election, Mark DeMontis posted a video today lamenting the lack of adequate government support for persons with disabilities. No doubt when the new Progressive Conservative government cuts taxes there will be lots more money for the disabled.

In the video, DeMontis also goes on to state that he will not be publicly endorsing any of the PC leadership candidates. He has in the recent past endorsed Doug Ford and more recently, former leader Patrick Brown when he made a brief return to the fray.

One might say it’s a case of twice bitten, once shy but that will allow DeMontis to instantly get behind the new leader when his or her name is announced on Saturday. Who says politics is hard?

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  1. A subtle, “tongue planted firmly in cheek” report, sir.

    I don’t know, but I suspect that many folks in his hometown pushed the young man hard to reveal his secondary choice for PC leadership, and then he coughed it up prematurely, once all those Brown allegations came to light and beyond.

    Initially, he was obviously drawn in by Brown who endorsed him, as the blue team was setting out their, “People’s Promise” campaign.

    And then suddenly, the party executive & membership scrambles into damage control mode, given the public embarrassment and schedule.

    Actually, kind of convenient for opponents, no?

    Looking ahead, I have no warm & fuzzy feelings for any of them – Wynne, Horwath, or any of the four PC hopefuls.

    And, I don’t know Mr. Demontis.

    I have never ever considered a conservative candidate come election time, often because there aren’t many who actually live in our riding – one that is predominately, working class – my roots, too.

    But, this I know about Red, Orange, Blue & Green politicians – they and their party’s (traditional) ideology is often prone to “shapeshifting” with the times, whenever there’s an opening in the landscape and if it suits their ultimate cause – winning an election.

    Examples recently where leaders tried to drag their partys into different territory were former NDP leader, Thomas Mulcair in Ottawa and former PC leader, Patrick Brown in Ontario.

    These attempts were made seemingly in contrast to hardcore party membership, as both former leaders tried to become more centrist in approach, going where many Canadians reside, in the middle.

    They made attempts to welcome and become more inclusive of those more comfortable away from the extremist fringe & elements.

    Not a popular choice, if you lose the election.

    And so, it’s back to the drawing board for fresh strategies to ensure future victory, next time out.

    Ahh, Politics.

    So, if there’s any truth to some of these observations from past election periods, is it impossible for this young hopeful to succeed? One who was born & raised in Weston with an inherent desire to represent the community at an adult level?

    One thing for certain, as passionate and well spoken as Mr. Demontis is, he’ll have to perform very well under fire when it comes to riding debates.

    But, it’s not impossible.

    To this point, he’s been working hard to overcome great obstacles that many of us navigate with ease. And, as a long time resident dealing with a visual impairment, advocating for others who are challenged, he has plenty of motivation to earn the job as a back bencher.

    If he can get that break, he’ll then have to prove that he was truly worthy of our consideration, if he wants to keep it.

    Hey, I don’t know.
    (And, still may not have any strong feelings one way or another with that Blue group once they settle their leadership issues this weekend.)

    But, as far as the Weston area goes..
    ..can you say, “underdog”?

    Life’s funny that way.

  2. I used to go school in the area and always appreciated his talks. DeMontis embodies the spirit of YSW and I think it would be a mistake to rule him out or to think he won’t put up strong numbers.

  3. Already flip flopping, a real politician in the making. With all the promised PC cuts, how does Mr. Demontis propose that supports for the disabled will be enhanced in any way? This is akin to Andrew Ffrench criticizing the Eglinton Crosstown and needing to be reminded that his party spent over $100M to fill in a previous iteration of the same subway.

    Good luck hahaha.

    1. Yeah, it’s a drag when politicians who are clearly contrarians, just seem to “willy-nilly” cancel & break contracts because they’ve made an election promise – never thinking for a moment that they are about to contribute to the very wastage of public funds that they complain about.

      “Que sera, sera”, right Mr. Nunziata?
      (The lawyers always do well, no matter the stripe.)

      With Demontis, it seems his angle is simple where he hopes to personally advocate for kindred folks with a disability (of any type), of which there are many amongst us.

      If he’s lucky enough to earn the job of MPP, it’ll be expected that he’d “walk the talk”, and not being muzzled.

      And, why not? He’s personally invested, daily.

      For additional reference, give a search & easy read to an article written by Michelle McQuigge (Canadian Press & Globe & Mail) telling how the present government announces that, “Ontario unveils employment strategy for people with disabilities”.

      It’s not much of an announcement, with little detail, but it’s something that would concern those like Demontis.

      And given the proposal, you’d think that it could be manageable by any one of the main three parties.

      So, why not from Demontis’ group, if they were to win?

      Conservatives have been known to be as charitable as any other group in society. Maybe even more so, at times because they personally have had the ways & means to give a little bit more when the spirit moves them.

      They just need to be personally touched, like the rest of us.

      Need proof? Just take a look at the long list of donor names displayed in any notable hospital’s foyer.

      Rarified air..
      ..with staggering numbers.

      And, we all benefit, as long as you have an OHIP card.

      So, who wants the good paying job of being a local representative, more?

      Let the games begin, Weston, Ontario.

      1. Anon, I have to question your comment that,

        “Conservatives have been known to be as charitable as any other group in society. Maybe even more so, at times because they personally have had the ways & means to give a little bit more when the spirit moves them.”.

        It’s quite well documented that the rich are less generous with their donations to charity. The rich will donate minuscule portions of their wealth (which to us sound like fabulous sums) and often it’s a tax incentive or influence wielding that’s the motive. Yes, there are some generous benefactors but if all the rich paid their fair share of taxes, we’d probably not need hospitals to run lotteries or schools go begging for money.

        1. No, there’ll always be folks who’ll feel that they don’t quite have enough – on both sides of that socio-economic spectrum.

          And, some folks just can’t help themselves when it comes to coveting what others have and will cry, “unfair!” and “More!” before they give thanks. Greed & fear will always play a role motivating people.

          But, here’s something that may make sense, at least it seems to play a role in the world of business, “A principal is not a principal until it costs you money.”

          How many people will risk big it, or give it away, for a principal?

          Next time you need expensive, delicate & intricate health care from anyone of our facilities connected to a university health network, give it a thought.

          Whether you like it or not, it’s good reason to be grateful for some of it – a work in progress, in which many disparate Canadians have played a role.

          And oh yeah, those clowns in the PC party continue to make a mess of their brand – still no decision as of 7:30pm. Maybe Demontis should take his good intentions of serving those with disabilities and run as a Libertarian.

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