Mark DeMontis is PC candidate

Mark DeMontis received the PC nomination this week. DeMontis, a long-time Westonian, may bring a new dynamic to the provincial election, which is due in roughly the next six months.

DeMontis faces a very tough field. Laura Albanese, the incumbent, is the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and has held the seat for a decade . Faisal Hassan, the NDP candidate, is a resident and long-time community activist who may be able build on disaffection with the Liberals in this left-leaning riding.

York South–Weston has long been a Liberal stronghold, but it has in the recent past voted NDP at both the provincial and federal levels. The Conservatives have never won here—but they’ve also never really campaigned.

DeMontis looks ready to change that: he went to the local crime meeting this Tuesday, and he’s been tweeting and talking for a few months now. He also has a distinguished background in the community that will serve him very well in the race.

In the last election, Albanese beat Paul Ferreira, the NDP candidate, by a respectable margin of 3400 votes (of roughly 33,000 cast); the PCs trailed 10,000 votes behind.

It would take a mighty upset for DeMontis to take the seat, but if he splits the centre vote, he may leave the flank open for Hassan.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Mark DeMontis is PC candidate”

    1. Sure, she has a large, red political machine backing her.

      They’re quite skillful and she’s learned to navigate & work the community, too.

      But, they’ve reached a great, lofty height of wishy-washy mismanagement.
      And yet (yes sadly), they could win again.

      Mark has had to overcome much to this point in his young life and this will be yet another major challenge.

      And, he’s learned much about motivational approaches.

      Upside, he may have the benefit of a stronger, more timely leadership – with the so-called, “People’s Promise” off & running.

      Time for a change?


      But, which way does the riding shift, if at all?

      With all due respect to DeMontis, he’ll have to clearly recognize the simple fact that it’s not just Weston’s approval needed.

      It’s York South-Weston.

      And, they may not give a flying fadoo about Aubrey “Drake” Graham or his hometown hockey roots in Weston.

      It’s a very large area to cover.
      He’ll have to work Weston very hard and still have more in reserve for York South.

      So, best get busy young man and get acquainted before the Red and Orange politicos become top of mind in this working class riding.

      Good luck.

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