Mati’s Coffee official opening

Konjet Tadewsa and her son receive a City of Toronto congratulatory diploma from Business Improvement Association Chair Masum Hossain on Saturday May, 26. Husband, Derrge and other family members were on hand to lend support.

Mati’s Coffee is the latest addition to Weston’s ‘Main Street’ and is situated at 1947 Weston Road; just north of John Street on the west east side. Originally from Ethiopia (the home of all coffee), owners Konjet and Derrge Tadewsa are a true Canadian success story. Konjet worked at Tim Hortons for many years learning the ins and outs of customer service. She and husband Derrge (who did the renovations) are now taking the plunge with this new Weston business.

Aside from coffee and other beverages, Mati’s serves a wide selection of food, from home baked muffins to donuts, delicious cake slices and meat patties.

The official opening was held on Saturday, showcasing the beautiful renovation that has transformed the site of the old Weston Bun Bakery. In attendance were some familiar faces from Weston including Masum Hossain, Marion O’Sullivan and Debbie Gibson from the BIA and Suri Weinberg-Linsky from Squibb’s bookstore across the road.

Let’s give a warm Weston Welcome to Mati‘s Coffee and make a point of supporting this new business. Did I mention they have free wifi?

7 thoughts on “Mati’s Coffee official opening”

  1. Familiar faces to who????I never heard of any of those folks….wishing suucess for Mati Coffee…

  2. Don’t mean to be critical,, but if it is where the old bakery used to be,, then it is on the east side of Weston Rd. The west side always has even numbers and odd numbers on the east.

      1. My point was,, that if people are going to go there, they will be on the wrong side of the street looking for Mati’s coffee..

    1. Lynn, you are absolutely right. I’m geographically challenged today. I’ve corrected the copy.

  3. Lynn, you’re not being critical; just correcting my rotten geography. Thanks for the heads-up.

  4. And re-reading it just now… The poster has changed it to the east side.

    Thank you poster…

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