Meeting on speeding tomorrow

Frances Nunziata’s office will be holding a meeting about speeding on Church Street tomorrow, September 16, in Elm Park, starting at 6 p.m.

In her flyer, she says, “My office has received many complains about speeding on Church Street over the years. With the recent repaving I have received some requests from residents to have Transportation Services review potential modifications to the portion between Pine Street and Elm Stree to help in addressing these concerns.”

You are asked to wear a mask if you attend the meeting.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “Meeting on speeding tomorrow”

  1. This is an odd one, isn’t it.

    The speed limit is already set at snail’s pace – 30 km/h.

    The long (concrete) strip on the southern side (running east & west) seems to be there for what – channeling & narrowing the flow eastbound? With the much wider northern side, accommodating some street parking.

    So, what to do?
    Because really, 30km/h is already pretty slow, right?

    Example & oddly, I can walk pretty steadily at a 15km/h pace – as seen by those speed monitoring signs (on George Street). Kind of a fun thing to do, on occasion.

    So realistically, looks like they’ll need to speed bump that lengthy stretch of straightaway. But, how to quickly create bumps in conjunction with the existing concrete “sidewalk-like” strip.

    Maybe they can summon up you know who..
    .. for some artistic urban ideas!

    It’d be unique, no?

  2. A brisk walking speed is around 6km/h so if the speed monitoring sign says you are doing 15km/h, it needs to be checked.

    Either that or is your first name Clark?

  3. No, it my new “Brooks”!!!

    I read much about them, and thought I’d give that brand a shot, for a change. And, they are great fitting & performance ready. (..Better be for the rarely discounted, suggested retail price!)

    But, maybe I’m wrong about the my high water mark “speed rate”.

    Actually, I’m setting out once again to “kill two birds with one stone” – to run an errand & get my exercise. And, I’m going to take that route for the fun of it, again.

    There & back.
    (And, will wait for no cars near the church & school.)

    If I’m still doing okay and cross paths with a noticing traveller, I may get lucky again with a generous, flattering & encouraging comment on my decent pace & tempo.

    Really meaning..
    .. not too bad for an ol’ fart, I guess.

    (Now, where’s that OHIP card? )

  4. Okay, Roy
    I’m back & happy to report.. injuries!

    And, you’ll be happy to know that you’re..
    more right than wrong on your assessment.

    I did hover (walking) between 6-7 km/h on that George Street stretch.

    But, bumped it up closer to 9-10km/h when I broke into a momentary trot. And, when I pushed harder got to 13 not to badly with a touch at 15, my hardest push.

    But naturally, couldn’t sustain that pace for too long, at all.
    But, touched 15!

    Anyway, nonchalantly tried again – pretending I lost something as I doubled back to go again. (:

    Same result.

    Pretty easy & steady around 6-7km.
    And, higher peaks with a trot/jog pace.

    So, there you go.

    And now, I’m monitoring the ache – to see if an Advil is needed or just another beer?

    Fun challenge.
    (No, no – the speed test!)

    Maybe I was wearing those flashier ASICS the day I first noticed the quicker readout. Or maybe I was wearing those older, lighter weight Sauconys. Or maybe, I had more carbs to burn and felt more… ZZzzzzzzzz.)

  5. There have been many complaints about drivers speeding — really speeding — through the area, probably annoyed at all the delays on Weston Rd but definitely reckless: the point is not the speed limit but the enforcing. Speed bumps help but the Weston News and Views site has reports of several serious instances of speeding with schoolchildren around.

  6. I don’t doubt that observation & anecdote one bit – despite having trouble scrolling & finding any of those concerns on that Facebook site that’s more consumed with charming nostalgic images. (But, good to see & know – it’s important to know some of the roots of the historic village.)

    However, “stunt driving” as they now often call it is on the rise around the GTA. And, it’s really not a new or novel concern around here – still dangerous.

    Some may still remember the race course that was Church Street – before they put stop signs in from Weston Road to Jane Street.

    Imagine driving the those beautiful curves & straightaways pretending you were a pro driver – back in the day of V8 muscle cars (Chargers, Cameros, Super Bees, Darts and oh yes, Vets).

    And, the nightly gatherings of gear heads at the local Harvey’s on Jane Street, just north of Church – soon on their way to “race for ownership” on the more rural roads around Jane & Hwy 7.

    Now, that was really questionable & scary testosterone running wild in the streets.

    Anyway, times & attitudes have changed a little, and relatively – as seen of late with brazen, lawless street racers near the Toronto Zoo.

    Best try and nip this in the bud, despite the nervousness shown by the TPS when it comes to law enforcement approach & procedure.

    Little kids aren’t as streetwise as they once may have been. After all, there are barely enough kids around for a decent road hockey game these days.

    And, no wall-ball games being played in the school yard, either!

    So yeah, slow it down, buddy.

    (We live in hope, that proper enforcement is on the way.)

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