Metrolinx announces extended construction hours

Metrolinx has announced that it will again be digging and building for extended hours along the tracks in Weston. They will again be working until 11 pm from Monday to Friday, and until 7 pm on the weekends. Noisy work will, they say, be completed before 9 pm.

Metrolinx had earlier announced and begun nighttime construction, but they suspended it after a community reaction. They then surveyed residents living near the tracks, asking whether they would rather have additional closures or extended hours. Two-thirds of respondents said they’d prefer extended hours.

Extended hours of construction will begin on July 2nd and continue until August 2nd.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Metrolinx announces extended construction hours”

  1. This is why the attendance is low at Metrolinx community liaison meetings: all we’re doing is marching to their tune, and being made to enter into the charade that we’re being given a choice.

    The UP Express smells, and will continue to poison the air.

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