Metrolinx building elevated tracks at Eglinton Flats

In June, Metrolinx announced their plans for the Crosstown West branch of the LRT around the Eglinton Flats and Fergy Brown Park: They are planning to build a long elevated track from west of Scarlett to east of Jane.

The ‘elevated guideway’ will be 1.5 km long and about 5m (16′) off the ground. (The remainder of the tracks will be underground out to Renforth.)

It’s sure to be controversial, since the LRT will cut through Mount Dennis’ largest area of parkland.

Metrolinx says that they are concerned with minimizing “the visual impact on the surrounding park land, development and streets” and “overlook, overshadowing, noise and vibration, and physical obstructions”. In the presentation, Elmira Moghani said they considered “how it can nicely fit into the environment and the context of Eglinton Flats.” She says the preferred design is a “smaller structure which has less visual impact in the area [and] less constructibility challenges.”

The Mount Dennis Community Association, however, recently detailed several cases where Metrolinx has removed trees, not replaced trees, and allowed erosion in the neighbourhood.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Metrolinx building elevated tracks at Eglinton Flats”

  1. I’m not a fan of this design at all, because it’s far too obstructive of the natural environment in and around the park area. It’s as if Metrolinx and the Province is treating the Mount Dennis neighbourhood as a thoroughfare rather than a destination. Sadly, it appears that the government is determined to quickly proceed with the the design and construction to keep their wealthy Etobicoke base of constituents happy.

      1. Then why is Ford not changing it? Metrolinx is a bureaucratic corrupt mess by made by 15 year Liberal govt. UPX train through Weston a useless train. It should be change to subway line or LRT so everybody can use it. All I see from Ford is more highways, empty subways through York Region, cash for access, etc What did he do lately to improve his riding? Rexdale, Weston,. Traffic congestion still same. Lib or Cons same management. Even if NDP ever wins election, they would be the same too. Ontario party politics corrupt to the core.

  2. Useless train?
    I dunno.

    I don’t mind riding it right into the city for about $2.00 (+/-), and all it takes is roughly, 13min.?

    And, it’s able to make a few connections, too.

    One stop to Bloor line, a couple to the Yonge line and the Lakeshore line which will take you a long way, both east & west. And, VIA, too?

    Oh yeah, that international airport for just a couple of bucks, too.

    Hey, that’s not sooo bad.

    As for glorified infrastructure projects & partisan politics???
    Well, that does often deserve a resounding, WTF.

    (Ahh, the sounds of sucking & blowing.)

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