Metrolinx buying diesel trains

Against nearly all residents’ wishes, Metrolinx has decided not to get electric trains. Instead, it will buy diesel trains and convert them later if it gets the money to do so.

According to the Star, the trains will cost $53 million—about $4 million each, half of the original estimate. The article also says that the trains should start arriving in 2013.

Metrolinx had been saying for months that they would buy diesel trains, not electric. They claim that the health and environmental benefits of electric trains are marginal—even though their own report says that “electrifying the entire network would deliver a 94% reduction in GO Transit’s future GHG emissions”.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Metrolinx buying diesel trains”

  1. I always thought that the should have build this air-link along 427. Not throughout established neighborhoods like Weston. It’s going to ruin the neighborhood. This is no thanks to our so-called representatives Alan Tonks & Laura Albense.

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