Metrolinx buys two properties north of tracks

Metrolinx has purchased the Hardwood Flooring Center and the grey and white house at 2417 Weston Road, just north of the railway bridge near the Superstore. According to Vanessa Thomas, Media Relations Team Lead, they bought the properties because the bridge was too low. Lowering the road would make it difficult to access the properties.

Both properties were purchased through “amicable negotiations”, and 2417 Weston Road is currently being used a staging area.

According to Thomas, when the construction is complete, the new bridge will be safer. It will be wider and will not have a centre pier. It will also have better sight lines and a bicycle path.

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Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

7 thoughts on “Metrolinx buys two properties north of tracks”

  1. Do they plan on levelling both buildings? Was the white/grey house a residence or a business?
    Does anyone know? I’ve always wondered about that house.
    Our tax dollars at work folks!Report

  2. Tipster here….I noticed you investigated my last tip about the Hardwood Flooring and House north of the bridge. Today I see bins out in front of 2431 Weston Road. Has Metrolinx purchased this property as well. Go on Adam and investigate. Keep up the great work…Report

  3. Adam, is there anyway we can find out how much ” we ” paid for the properties. Why doesn’t a crown corporation have to report this when in fact it is our tax dollars purchasing the properties. I heard that not only did they pay for the property where the Hardwood Flooring centre is but they also paid for the owner to move his business. Again our tax dollars hard at work when in fact that the owner of the Hardwood Flooring was charged or fined for not reporting over $ 500,000 dollars in PST.Report

  4. Why did metrolinx purchase the properties? I can understand the property north of the tracks but the hardwood flooring place also, does not seem like they will be demolishing the buildings? Did Metrolinx purchase because of business interruption?Report

  5. Demolition of 2431 has begun…down in a matter of hours. Will the other 2 buildings be coming down? Did Metrolinx purchase the old Broom building?Report

  6. Things sure have changed. 2 buildings gone. Any idea what Metro Linx will do with this property after the construction finishes? Will the house just north of the railway tracks be demolished?Report

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