Metrolinx gets a stern talking-to from Ad Council

Metrolinx got a little finger wag from Advertising Standards Canada for lying to us in a flyer sent around in March. The flyer trumpeted the electrification of the ARL, but, according to the Star,

Advertising Standards of Canada found the flyer failed to explain that the Pearson-to-Union Station shuttle won’t run electric trains when the service opens in 2015. In fact it will be at least seven years before the line can be electrified…

In an opinion piece in the Star, Mike Sullivan, our MP, says

The ordinary citizen was led to believe that the trains for the Air Rail Link would be electric. They will be diesel. Simple truth, but missing from the Metrolinx communication. This is what the Advertising Standards Canada determined was misrepresentation by Metrolinx. In law, the tort of deceit covers such misrepresentations — it is called fraud.


Author: Adam Norman

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