Metrolinx is feeling the heat

Metrolinx’s callous treatment of some Weston residents has caught the attention of the major media. All the Toronto daily newspapers and most local TV stations have had stories on GO’s rapidly changing plans. Herewith, some highlights:

Metrolinx dropped a heartless legal letter in a Toronto man’s mailbox this week advising him he must leave his home — the place where he tended his dying wife — to make way for the new GO Transit/airport rail link. The letter says that its purpose “is to notify you that GO Transit has identified your property as one that will be impacted by the construction of the Weston Tunnel and will need to be acquired. A member of our real estate team will be contacting you shortly to discuss the property acquisition process and to review the details and next steps.” (The Sun)

The Ontario government is [now] trying to calm the fears of homeowners in northwest Toronto who received [the] letters…. Metrolinx project director Stephen Lipkus said Thursday that in hindsight, the letters should have been written differently. (CBC)

Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne tried Thursday to reassure Toronto residents who fear their homes will be expropriated to build a railway link to Pearson International Airport…. Ms. Wynne acknowledged that some residents in the area — near Weston Road south of Highway 401 — will be forced to leave. But others will have the option of staying while the planned rail tunnel is being built under their homes, she said. (G&M)

A public meeting meant to bring together Weston homeowners and Metrolinx officials quickly went sour Thursday night. (City)

Even Toronto Life got in on the pile-on. Apparently, Metrolinx bashing is big for fall.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Metrolinx is feeling the heat”

  1. Sadly due to illness I was unable to attend the meeting but would love an update of what happened.

    I’m so angry to hear that “all of a sudden” Weston residents will be forced to leave their homes.

    Truly sickening that they supposedly didn’t know this when the plans were originally made. Of course no one I know if (myself included) believes that this was a “new development” by Metrolinx. Just another deception.

  2. I am wondering if anyone has received a noticification of any upcoming community meetings surrounding the Cruickshank redevelopment plans.. Alos, did any Weston residents receive City Hall notifications surrounding this redevelopment or was it just by the local papers?
    If anyone has anything they can share its most appreciated..

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