Metrolinx kills resident’s tree, behaves poorly

Last week, a boor hired by Metrolinx killed a 130-year-old tree without the landowner’s permission. The tree was limbed, and is “likely too damaged to save”.


The tree was along the route of the UP Express, and its killing shows insensitivity to local sentiment. Mount Dennis residents have been begging Metrolinx for years to limit the felling of trees along the route, and Metrolinx has been zealous in “clear-cutting” trees along the corridor—cutting back as much as 8 metres from the track. According to the Star, “Metrolinx officials say they plan to clear the entire 20-kilometre corridor from property line to property line.”

Police were called and they prevented the complete destruction of the tree, although no charges were laid. 

Metrolinx has planned a meeting with the affected residents and says the contractor has been “reminded of our policies”. 


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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