Metrolinx now wants to expropriate homes

Metrolinx is now planning to expropriate at least six homes in Weston to make way for the Georgetown line expansion, according to Mike Sullivan, the chair of the Weston Community Coalition and a longtime Weston advocate.

Metrolinx had planned a public meeting this week to discuss the design of the cut-and-cover tunnel that will be put through Weston. The meeting announcement does not mention that they are now planning to expropriate houses, although this is surely the most salient aspect of the design. Further, according to Sullivan, Metrolinx has said in the past that no expropriations would be necessary.

The homes that will be destroyed are between Church and King streets, on both sides of the tracks. They are on King, Church, and Fern.

The meeting will be at Weston Park Baptist Church at 1871 Weston Road on Thursday, October 28, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. Everyone is welcome.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Metrolinx now wants to expropriate homes”

  1. According to a source at the Toronto Star, there are actually 9 properties in question. Wonder where the other 3 are? Ironically, Metrolinx owns not just one but two or more boring machines to dig tunnels for the LRT projects. Why not just use them up here starting in Mount Dennis and ending up at the bridge over Weston Road? Then, no houses would be expropriated, we would be able to leave John St open and we wouldn’t have a ‘ditch with a lid’ to contend with. TOO EXPENSIVE they claim. Just like they claim that electrification is too expensive even though diesel trains are more expensive in the long run.

    How much is your life, your children’s life and your property worth? Not much to our government or Metrolinx. Your taxes are paying to destroy YOUR community. Shameful.

  2. To those people who have recieved these letters… You know what to do and Tell them where to go!! They are forcing this upon us, lets now force them to fix up their plans!! DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR HOMES!!! When theycome with their agents you can show them the door!!

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