Metrolinx ordered to answer some questions about construction

The Canadian Transportation Authority has ordered Metrolinx to answer questions about the ongoing construction in Weston.

Mike Sullivan, our MP, lodged a complaint with the CTA this year on behalf of residents. The CTA has asked Metrolinx to make clear what construction is happening, when it is going on, how much noise is being generated, how the noise is being mitigated, and whether Metrolinx has studied the noise.

If the CTA finds that the railway noise is unreasonable, it can order Metrolinx to make changes. The CTA will make its decision by mid-March.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

7 thoughts on “Metrolinx ordered to answer some questions about construction”

  1. Finally we may get some action on the stress that the people in Weston are enduring, but we need our other elected representatives to do something!

    Since the Albanese photo op with McGinty just before he tired of politics, there’s been nothing except a letter from her to her colleague about possible electrification. Metrolinx is running roughshod over Weston, still snarling movement and muddying roads and sidewalks: Frances Nunziata has done nothing except attend any meetings where voters are present.

    Thanks to Mike Sullivan for action!

  2. I am much more frustrated by what the construction has done to our traffic flow. What an irritating mess it is driving and even walking in the neighborhood these days. and with no end in site. Happy to hear that at least one of our elected representatives is actually representing us.

  3. Well my advise is to just avoid Weston Road until the construction mess is finished….saves a lot of time and hassle.

  4. If you are trying to drive or walk through the neighbourhood or take a bus, then it’s not over the top to feel assaulted by the ongoing construction and stoppages and mess and noise.
    Children walk along Weston Road to schools every day; driving another route away from Weston Road is only an option for those with cars.
    Weston isn’t a bedroom community, and we need to guard against becoming one instead of a neighbourhood with schools and a library and pedestrians.

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