Metrolinx says Kodak lands to be a ‘Mobility Hub’

Last week, Frances Nunziata said that she would not support Metrolinx’s plans for the disused Kodak lands on Blackcreek Drive, although she had supported building a TTC yard there in the past.

Nunziata says that she opposes the new TTC yard because Metrolinx is planning to use the entire site for a TTC yard where light-rail trains would be maintained. She said this “removes the possibility of having complementary uses on the site that could bring employment opportunities to the area. I do not believe using the entire site of the former Kodak lands for a maintenance and storage facility is in the best interest of the community and as such do not support the current plan to use the entire site.”

Malon Edwards from Metrolinx says that this is not entirely accurate; she says the “Kodak site has been identified by Metrolinx as a mobility hub”—a mini-Union station. Mobility hubs are a key part of Metrolinx’s plans for transit in the GTA. They are supposed to be, according to Metrolinx,

places of connectivity where different modes of transportation – from walking to biking to riding transit – come together seamlessly and where there is an intensive concentration of working, living, shopping and/or playing.

Edwards also says that “the yard is more than a repair yard. The site allows for overnight storage of up to 165 vehicles, daily cleaning and inspections, scheduled maintenance, and repairs and heavy maintenance and vehicle overhaul.”

However, several details are still unclear. While mobility hubs are supposed to provide seamless interconnection between transit modes, the Kodak lands are quite far from the ARL and GO trains, which will be at the new Weston Station at Jane and Lawrence.

Recently, Jane and Eglinton had been proposed as a location for the mobility hub; that was opposed because the station would be far from the train line and because there is low population density in the area. Your humble correspondent is puzzled that the Kodak lands are not an improvement.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Metrolinx says Kodak lands to be a ‘Mobility Hub’”

  1. Looks like a lot of distraction — on the lines of the tunnel/ditch, only now it’s moblitiy hub masking a repair and storage (how is this better?) yard.

    The Metrolinx defences are as offensive as the Nunziata “protest.”

  2. The former Kodak lands offered employment to many people. It simply does not make sense to put through a subway and not have anything at the major stops for people to use. A storage and maintenance facility offers nothing to the community of any value. It makes no sense at all to bring in upper scale decor stores to Castlefield-Caledonia area and call it the “Decor District” while putting a TTC storage yard on a valuable piece of land that is centered at a prime location for commercial usage. The Former City of York has been the “dumping grounds” for a lot of useless projects over the decades. This would be another.

    I join Councillor Nuziata in her rebellion against this prime land in a prime location being nothing but a storage and repair facility.

    And…that brings me to the question of where our long promised (nearly 20 years now) area Community Centre is? We’ve seen no signs of it for years…just promises and no action.

    A lot of us residing in the area have to travel to malls like Yorkdale, Sherway Gardens, or even Woodbridge and Vaughan to shop.

    Think what a new subway system could do for our area IF the Kodak lands were to actually have something on it that area residents as well as those traveling via the subway/LRT could actually stop and shop or do business in.

    Poor planning. Very poor planning and I urge the councillors to all oppose Metrolinx’s proposed usage of this land as a storage facility.

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