On the day of the Clean Train rally outside their offices, Metrolinx will be updating their board about which lines might be electrified. The final conclusion about electrification will not be presented.

Metrolinx is currently studying whether they should electrify the entire GO Transit system. While many people, including almost all the politicians along the line, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health, and many residents support electrification, Metrolinx is studying several different options for diesel, hybrid, and electric trains.

The meeting on November 16 will be about how much of the GO Transit catchment could be electrified. According to Vanessa Thomas from GO media relations, the Metrolinx board will be presented with “an overview of the process for developing six options” for different degrees of electrification:

  1. Only electrify Lakeshore
  2. Only electrify Georgetown
  3. Electrify Lakeshore and Georgetown, and leave the rest diesel
  4. Electrify Lakeshore, Georgetown and Milton, and leave the rest diesel
  5. Electrify Lakeshore, Georgetown, Milton, and Barrie, and leave the rest diesel
  6. Electrify the whole system.

The complete agenda will be posted five days before the meeting.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.