Micallef calls out cycling in Weston

Would you feel safe cycling on busy Weston Road?

Freelance journalist Sean Micallef has written a column about the sorry state of cycling in Weston. He says, ““Home of the Bicycle” is a slogan found all around Weston, yet it’s one of the worst places in Toronto to ride a bike.” The article is in the Toronto Star behind a paywall but may be accessed at this link in Toronto.com.

In essence Micallef says that cycling is scary in Weston and is an equity issue according to area resident Christina Hoang.

We’ve been saying this for years at Weston Web. It’s nice to see others joining in.

2 thoughts on “Micallef calls out cycling in Weston”

  1. It is atrocious!
    I drive now more than I cycle, but I am a rider. I moved to Weston from mid town 12 years ago, and regretfully have cycled less since.
    Now with kids 10 & 12 yo, they don’t even feel comfortable riding to to the Humber.
    The “Pan Am” trail wich I thought was supposed to be connected through the park, rather than riding on a Weston Rd (where cars travel 60+km/h is not a safe option) has not been done.
    Is there no possibility of a rail path (like in the Junction)? This would get one down town in less than 30 minutes.
    Whatever the options, we need more please.

  2. I went to a Starbucks in a wealthier part of the city, and fellow customer (very old fellow too) struck up a conversation with me asked me where I lived. I said Weston. He said what a sad state Weston is in. I agreed, and he then said, you need better representation.
    Change will only come when you get rid of the old and bring in the new.

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