Mid-Humber Gap coming before City Council

Fixing the Mid-Humber Gap will be considered by City Council on July 19 or 20.

The Humber River Trail runs almost uninterrupted from the lake up to Brampton, and—with one exception—the on-road portions are on quiet streets. The exception is here in Weston, where trail users are forced onto Weston Road and to squeeze under the bridge at St Phillips. The city says it “constitutes a significant barrier”.

This is necessary because of the Mid-Humber Gap—an 800m missing link that would join the two parts of the trail.

Earlier this year, city staff recommended fixing the gap with a path along the valley bottom with two bridges and a cantilevered boardwalk. The path is opposed by the Weston Golf and Country Club.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.