Mike Sullivan campaign launch this weekend

Mike Sullivan, the incumbent MP, will have his official campaign launch this weekend. He and his have been canvassing for some time, of course, but the barbecue and kick-off will be this Saturday, August 15, from 1–4 pm at his campaign office at 1942 Weston Road.

Sullivan is facing Ahmed Hussen in what looks to be a good race. I don’t know of any riding-level polls, but the respected blog threehundredeight gives Hussen a 37% chance of winning. Sullivan leads 42% to 37%. The Conservatives do not have a chance.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Mike Sullivan campaign launch this weekend”

  1. Mike is finally launching his campaign. Didn’t the election begin two weeks ago? Hasn’t there already been one leaders’ debate? Mike must be pretty sure he’s going to win, if he can take a two week lag time. I hope he’s more on the ball when representing his riding.

    1. The office was open well before the writ dropped. Phone calls are being made and Mike continues to knock on doors. Mike has also been doing a great job representing his riding, I suggest you look into it 🙂


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