Mike Sullivan has been busy

Mike Sullivan, our MP, has been busy lately. Over the past week or so he has spoken in the House a number of times.

Last week, Sullivan spoke touchingly about Pantelis Kalamaris, the owner of Peter’s Barber Shop, in Weston, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Kalamaris passed away on October 3.

This week he spoke about the Conservatives’ plan to scrap the long gun registry. He worried about the government no longer tracking rifles such as the Ruger M-14, a favorite among survivalists, and the weapon used by Marc Lepine, the École Polytechnique murderer.

Sullivan did not contribute to the esteem of the House, however, when he asked John Williamson, a Conservative, a rather threadbare question. Williamson had discussed at great length the Conservative plan to end the registry; he spoke more than 1400 words on the matter. And, while your humble correspondent is no Conservative, I will admit that Williamson was thoughtful and quite fair. Sullivan’s response, though, did not rise to Churchillian heights: he asked, “How many hunters in New Brunswick actually use the Ruger Mini-14 to go after ducks?”

The Mini-14 is a rifle. Shotguns are used to hunt ducks.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.