Mike Sullivan rails at Metrolinx

Our new MP has let little grass grow under his feet before exposing another Metrolinx contradiction. According to an article in the Toronto Star, Sullivan discovered that there is a two-foot difference in height between GO trains and the proposed airport link diesels. This will require a separate, higher platform for the ARL.

Sullivan says that in the past, he was fobbed off by Metrolinx who claimed that because of the need to match floor height with GO trains, there were no eligible electric trains. Now it turns out that not even Metrolinx trains meet this requirement as platforms for the new diesels will need to be two feet higher than GO train platforms.

4 thoughts on “Mike Sullivan rails at Metrolinx”

  1. He’s the MP he should be keeping us informed what Harper is up too. Metrolinx is a provincial responsibility . I always thought he should have ran as MPP instead.

  2. Mel, why don’t you ask Laura and Nunziata to start providing us details about Metrolinx…seems they are simply not giving us the answers we are looking for, while Mike gives us all the details and keeps us inform. For once we have a politician representing us thats searching for answers and providing them. Yet its not good enough for this community. No wonder we remain so far behind the rest of Toronto.

  3. While the air rail link is one issue affecting the area, I wish I could see more discussion and comments on other important things affecting the community ie) crime, employment. I think everyone can agree lets make the trains electric, but c’mon, lets focus on discussions about community safety, jobs, and building better networks for our youth. These are more dire issues affecting families in the area.

  4. I get more info about what’s happening in Ottawa from Elizabeth May. She tweets frequently on votes, Harper’s budget plans, etc. Of course she’s just one party member from Greens but really she’s consider an independent in House really. Sullivan is new but he better start thinking that speaks for everyone in riding even people who didn’t vote for him. I still stand by my opinion that he should have run for MPP; he is a good voice against Metrolinx. He probably could have won against Albanese too.

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