Mike Sullivan raises some interesting points

Mike Sullivan has a letter in The Star today, and it’s an interesting read.

Those Westonians who drive will know that we have shockingly high insurance rates—the highest in the GTA.

Why is this, ponders Sullivan. It’s not fraud. It’s not theft. It’s not that we’re bad drivers (though unless you’re me, you are). It’s that we’re poor.

When a person with benefits in their employment is injured in an accident, the employer pays the sick leave and extra medical costs. The auto insurer does not, until the employer plan is maxed out. When a person with no benefits is injured, the insurance company is on the hook for wage replacement (sick leave) and all extra medical cost from day one.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Mike Sullivan raises some interesting points”

  1. another great point about the wrong level of government. does this guy ever do anything related to federal politics or just point to provincial and municipal issues to deflect attention from how totally powerless he is?
    now if only he could get the feds to invest a dime in ysw.

  2. He’s been trying to do something with a cell phone registry at the federal level. At least he seems to care about the riding and it’s issues, unlike our MPP.

  3. Wow Eric, typical Weston response. Here is an individual that has been in power for a very short time, and is in opposition and is trying. You had Alan Tonks, Nunziata and now even Laura that have been in power how long and they have accomplished nothing. What good did Alan do for YSW while in power for over 15 years????

    No wonder Weston remains at the bottom of the barrel in Toronto.

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