Mike Sullivan responds to muggings in Weston

Mike Sullivan, our newly elected MP, says “I am encouraged by the arrests that have been made” in relation to the recent rash of muggings in Weston. He says, too, that he will pressure the Conservative government to “invest in an approach that focuses on prevention, policing, and prosecution.”

Sullivan was responding to an email I sent to politicians and police. He says that he, and the NDP, will

  1. Ensure communities have the resources to invest in crime prevention programs, particularly those focusing on youth.
  2. Provide parents, teachers and police with better tools to protect our children and deter gang activity by making gang recruiting illegal.
  3. Ensure that our police have sufficient resources to do their jobs in our neighbourhoods.

Sullivan was also quite clear that he does not believe that building more jails, as the Conservatives propose to do, will be the “best and most effective approach to [combatting] crime in our neighbourhoods.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Mike Sullivan responds to muggings in Weston”

  1. The Provincial investment in targeted policing such as the TAVIS program highlights what can be done when govt invest smartly. You can spend, spend, spend on policing and not achieve the results that targeted spending can.

    I have to applaud the Provincial govt for funding the TAVIS program. Without their spending the program was in jeopardy of falling by the wayside.

    The key to TAVIS is the intervention!

    It would be nice to see Federal funding of such programs as well.

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