Mike Sullivan Speaks in the Commons

Mike Sullivan, our newly elected NDP MP spoke for the first time in the House of Commons on Tuesday. Here are his comments:

Mr. Speaker, I wish to thank the voters in York South—Weston, who sent me here to advocate for them. I will do my utmost to bring forward their issues in this House, like public transit.

Public transit supports economic activity, improves productivity and, done right, it helps clean the air. In York South—Weston, public transit is an important public service, as it is across Canada.

Unfortunately, public transit is not a priority of the government. Aside from the gas tax rebate negotiated nearly a decade ago by then-FCM president, the hon. member for Toronto—Danforth, the current federal government refuses to support this crucial element of our economic life. This must change if we are to help Canadians in their daily life.

The federal government must develop a national public-transit strategy so that sensible investments in public transit like electric light rail can be made to meet the needs of millions of Canadians.

Mr Sullivan made a name for himself here in Weston as a passionate supporter of the Clean Train Coalition and it’s good to see that he is still chipping away on the same topic. His unseating of Alan Tonks was one of the many surprises in last month’s general election.

He made further remarks on June 9th, describing York South-Weston and the problems facing our community.

4 thoughts on “Mike Sullivan Speaks in the Commons”

  1. Sometimes I wished he ran for provincial MPP instead I think he do better advocating for us against Metrolinx. I don’t think Harper will do nothing for public transit. But so far comments he made are great! Keep it up.

  2. I personally think that we currently have terrific representation in the House of Commons. If you’d like to see what Mike and the other MP’s are up to check out http://howdtheyvote.ca/ and see how your MP voted and what they’ve had to say in the House.

  3. I’m with Mell and I too wish that Mike had run for provincial office just to watch him take a bite out of those sanctimonious Metrolinx buffoons, but this way we get a terrific MP and we have the opportunity of having Paul Ferreira elected as MPP and we’ll have terrific provincial representation as well. I am sure Paul will give Metrolinx a run for it’s (our) money Mel.

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