Mike Sullivan supports open libraries in letter to council

Mike Sullivan, the recently-elected MP for Weston, sent a letter to Mayor Ford and all members of city council urging them not to cut libraries and essential services in Weston. He told them that the libraries here are not “part of the ‘gravy’ you took aim at in the election campaign”.

The letter says that the libraries should not be considered for review as ‘non-essential’ services. Sullivan writes, “In fact, to many residents of this riding, wards 11 and 12, there is precious little gravy in the services they need from the city.”

Sullivan also argues against increasing user fees or fines, and says that “adding or raising user fees… is also unnecessarily punitive” for poor residents. User fees “penalize seniors, the poor, and marginalized residents. First because these person tend to use services such as community centres, pools and libraries more than more affluent residents, and second because the addition of such fees becomes, in effect, a tax on seniors and the poor.”

Mike Sullivan ended the letter by saying that he would do his part in the coming months to urge the government to provide more funding for infrastructure and transit.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.