Mike Sullivan’s complaint dismissed

The Canadian Transportation Agency has rejected Mike Sullivan’s complaint about noise and vibrations caused by construction of the UP Express.

Sullivan filed the complaint on behalf of residents last fall saying that the construction was having an adverse effect in Weston. If they CTA had sided with Sullivan, they would have forbidden Metrolinx from working noisily after 7 in the evening.

But the CTA did not side with him. They first dismissed part of his complaint, saying that dirt and dust are outside their purview. They then considered whether Metrolinx was causing “only such noise and vibration as is reasonable”.

The CTA agreed that noise and vibration causes “substantial interference”, but they said that this was reasonable and that Metrolinx has been trying to mitigate the issues. They also said that Metrolinx is obliged to do the work in time for the Pan Am games. They dismissed the complaint.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Mike Sullivan’s complaint dismissed”

  1. No…the issue is the community had it chance to fight, but no one ever came out to meetings….if it wasn’t for mike it would be worse.Report

  2. Nooo…the issue is that the community HAS been fighting long and hard and IS the reason why Mike did his job to represent as a responsible and dedicated MP. Not to mention his behind the scenes efforts as Chair of weston community coalition re: this project many years before he was even elected — MUCH UNLIKE Laura Albanese and Nunziata who have done nothing for us in this regard. They certainly don’t give a sh– about their constituents unless there’s something in it for them. This time, guess they didn’t want to get their outfits and shoes dirty for the photo op.

    Soaringeagle, if you get a chance, please read my comment on Adam’s post dated March 11, title “Struts To Be Installed”. Might shed some light as to why the community meetings you refer to are running thin. Hint: they don’t mean a damn.Report

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